Just a guy who found exercise late in life. I absolutely LOVE running and CrossFit. But, you'll only have to be around me for a few minutes to figure that out.

Training for a half marathon differently (for me)

So I’ve only been running for not quite 2 years, and as a result I haven’t tried many different methods for training for any given race or distance. Up to this year, I’ve pretty much just Google’d “training plan” and whatever distance I wanted to train for, looked at the various results and picked one that matched up well with my schedule and such. This year, I’m training differently for a race. My next peak race is the Germantown Half Marathon which is now just under 2 weeks away. Instead of following a running training plan, which slowly built up miles until I peaked at 13.1 on race day, my mileage has been limited. I’m doing speed work 2-3 times a week, and I think my 3 longest runs are two 8-mile runs and one 10-mile run. The focus has been almost entirely on cross training and speed work. I started CrossFit a month ago, and have been doing that at least 3 days per week, as well as some sort of running training 3-5 days per week. I feel really well prepared for the race in two weeks. I *KNOW* I will PR at the race, the question is just by how much over my current PR of 1:54:53 which I did in early November 2011.

Of course with the Germantown Half Marathon being less than two weeks away, I’ve now begun my obsessing over the course, race strategy, fueling, etc… I’m going to run 11 miles of the course this weekend. I’d actually like to run the whole course, but my coach was insistent that I run 11 miles and no more. Beyond that run, I’ll do CrossFit 4 times this week, 3 times next week, and several running speed workouts as well.

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I'm a guy who found exercise late in life, and loving pushing myself to new limits.

2015 Goals:
Complete my first Half Ironman
Get back to sub-8 min/mile average pace for 5K

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Race PR

5K 2012 MayFest 5K 21:36
4-miler 2012 Cooper Young 4-miler 33:43
5-miler 2012 RRS 2nd 5-miler 38:27
10K 2011 RRS 1st 10K 48:53
Half Marathon 2012 RRS 1st Half Marathon 1:50:36
25K - trail 2014 Swampstomper 25K 3:25:49
Marathon 2012 My Bartlett Marathon 4:25:22
50K - trail 2015 Mississippi Trails 50K 7:01:50
50 miler - trail 2013 Mississippi Trails 50 11:51:33
Olympic Triathlon 2015 Memphis In May Triathlon 3:32:26
Half Ironman Triathlon 2015 Ironman 70.3 Austin, TX 8:17:42

(Ultra)Marathon Results

3/7 Mississippi Trails 50K 7:01:50
1/11 DisneyWorld Marathon/Dopey Challenge 5:13:35
12/6 St. Jude Marathon 4:55:50
9/14 Stanky Creek 50K 7:14:45
10/13 Chicago Marathon 4:44:52
03/02 Mississippi Trails 50 miler 1:51:33
02/09 Mississippi River Marathon 4:48:13
01/20 Swampstomper 50K 7:51:03
12/1 St. Jude Marathon 5:15:20
04/07 My Bartlett Marathon 4:25:22
01/08 Disney World Marathon/Goofy Challenge 5:26:25
12/03 St. Jude Memphis Marathon 4:50:59
04/09 Andrew Jackson Marathon 5:40:11
03/06 Little Rock Marathon 4:57:12